When we meet

We cycle most days of the week and throughout all seasons. On weekdays, we always meet in the Square in Dromore at 1825 so that we can leave at 1830. We are usually back by 2030 in the evening.
In winter months, we insist on correct clothing and lights.
On races, time trials and hill climbs, times are posted on the 'Events' page and relevant specific Facebook page.
On weekends, the times, meeting points and distances may vary. The 'Events' page of the site or our own Facebook page always has the up-to-date details about the weekend routes.

Every Monday @ 18.30 3 or 4 Groups | pace to suit all | Try before you buy night
Every Wednesday @ 18.30 1 or 2 Groups depending on turn out | Training Night | Faster pace
Every Thursday @ 18.30 1 or 2 Groups | pace to suit all
Every Saturday @ 10.00 1 or 2 Groups | pace to suit all - see Facebook for up-to-date detail
Every Sunday @ various times 2 Groups | Group 1 is earlier and longer | Group 2 is later and shorter | see Facebook for details

These guidelines will change to suit the seasons, abilities and weather conditions.
It is the responsibility of the group captain to set the pace and the route and make the run enjoyable and safe however,
it is the responsibility of the cyclists to watch those in front AND behind and keep the peleton as a neat and tidy as possible while following the Rules of the Road.

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