About the Club

Dromore Cycling Club is a leisure/touring club and welcomes cyclists of all levels. We have organised runs almost every day of the week throughout the year (see club cycling). We cycle in all seasons and in all conditions (providing it is safe). When it is dark, we insist on use of the correct lights. When cycling in a group with the club, we expect everyone to know the procedures of peleton cycling and if you are new to the club, you will be expected to familiarise yourself with those procedures for the safety of others and yourself (if you are unsure, please ask for one of the committee members who will gladly assist).

On weekdays/evenings, our club runs tend to be 25 - 35 miles long lasting for 2 hours, on the weekends the runs can be longer as we often take part in organised sportives or self organised 'bun runs' which can cover anything from 45 miles to over 100 miles. Details of the runs are posted and regularly updated on the Events page on this site and on our Facebook page.

If you are interested in racing or taking part in time trials or hill climbs, please contact one of the committee. Our race team will be delighted to explain the training and race calendar for the year and give you the relevant contact details and means of communication.

Like most clubs in Ulster and Ireland, we are affiliated with Cycling Ireland and we require all club members to be licensed and insured through the organisation. You can find out about types of membership on their Membership Types page. Cycling Ireland membership makes entering Irish sportive events and races much simpler – just quote your license number. Membership comes with Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance too which is essential for cycling with the club.

Unless specified, we always start our routes in the Square in Dromore. During weekdays it is always at 1830. At the weekends the times can vary, see Facebook for our intended route and meeting time. All memebers are also notified through the Teamer app which we encourage everyone to use.

Three or four times in the year also organise non-cycling events. In the past these have taken the form of a wine-tasting night, hog roast night and the club Christmas Dinner. All members are notified well in advance.

If you have any queries about the club or its objectives, please feel free to contact us. Best way to get in touch is by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - please leave us suitable contact details and some of the committee will respond.


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